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Snowed In

So much has happened since I last blogged. I started developing a new training program for Oklahoma City. They want an ADA Contractor Certification Course for the individuals and companies that do work in the OKC area. They have complaints weekly concerning ramps and sidewalks and therefore, hope this class will solve that dilemma.


I also have been working on Tinker Air force Base to start an ESL (English as a Second Language) class for their employees.


Plus it rained ice then snowed several inches so schools have been closed since Tuesday. This actually, for me, was a blessing; otherwise, I do not see how I would have gotten everything done this week.


Since school was closed, I did not teach my morning computer class. This allowed me to spend time on the computer doing research for the new ADA course I am preparing.


I am working on taxes today. I have an appointment with the preparer this afternoon, but as it is snowing again, I will have to see if I can get out later.


I grew up in Colorado and a snow fall such as this would have been cleaned up in a day or so, but most towns in Oklahoma do not have snow plows as it is too cost prohibitive when there are only one or two snows per years that need plowing.


The other dilemma here is the ice. Snowplows are ineffective in an ice storm. Moreover, Oklahoma regularly has ice.


Thank goodness, we have had electricity the whole time.


Monday evening was my cooking class and we made beans from scratch, refried beans, and Carne Guisado. We have had those two nights. I have made Pupusas twice. We have made brownies twice. Travis made them one time and his are excellent, but he won’t tell me his secret.


Last night, I made peach cobbler and Maria made cookies from cake mix.


Yesterday, Travis’s mom called and they had a broken water pipe in their business (a gym). I had to go to Tinker for assessments. We were pulling the pickup out across our land with the Suburban. And I got both of them stuck.


First of all, the Suburban is 4 wheel drive, but we have the spare on it as one tire went flat. The tire place hasn’t been open so it still has the spare which doesn’t have deep tread.


Second, our driveway is lower than the surrounding land so the snow always drifts into the drive making it impassable. There is probably 18 inches of snow right now.


Therefore, to leave our land we head up the edge of the drive and stay on the outer edge of the ditch till we reach another drive over a culvert and go out there.


Yesterday, since I was pulling the pickup, I thought I would curve outward instead of hugging the ditch, as I was afraid the pickup would slide into the ditch when I turned to cross the drive.


The problem is when I pulled out, I hit an area where the snow had drifted and buried (the snow was past the axles) the suburban and the pickup.


We got shovels, dug the vehicles out, dug a path to the drive (about 20 feet) then put broken branches down (for traction).


We finally got both vehicles out. It took an hour. I had already called my contact at Tinker and told him I had been an imbecile and that I was going to be late.


Fito, Maria, Travis, Felipe, and David all went to help vacuum up the water, move equipment, mop, etc.


Later that afternoon, when I went back to my car, I could not find my key. It had fallen off the key chain. I did find it and then drove slowly (the roads are horrible!) to the gym.


They were just finishing up. Several families had gone to help and they had rented machines. I told them the carpet looked really nice shampooed (HA).


Well life goes on.


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