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"Ride the bike down the hill, up a ramp, and into the pond" Party!

I have been working full-time, plus one of the teachers severely broke one leg and the foot on the other took her evening class. Which meant 13 hour work days, two times a week. Needless to say, I am tired.


However, at the same time, the weather has been incredible and we have had some really lovely fun days and evenings.


Two years ago, while Fito and I were out-of-town, Matthew invited friends over and they had a "Ride the bike down the hill, up a ramp, into the pond" party.


We didn't even know about it until I saw the videos on Matthew's Face book page.


Well, a couple of weeks ago, we had another such party. Oh my goodness, did we have fun. Fito actually built a ramp for the jumps. Matthew had about 20 friends here, and Fito and I had some as well.


I cooked my


We played volleyball, people swam, rode the bike down the hill amid all the shouts and cheers, sat on the dock and gazebo, played on the tree house, and enjoyed the day.


The evening was perfect and the fun continued.


Here is a video my daughter Maria made of some of the more perfect jumps and the fun:


Fito did the jump twice and even Maria, who had a baby just 3 months ago did it. I was not going to even attempt it. Not at 52 years of age...breaks take longer to heal the older we are.


Well...on July the 4th, for Independence Day, we had friends over again, and Fito did the jump to show them. I had been swimming in the lake and all-of-a-sudden, had a moment of daring.


I took the bike up the hill, got on it and started riding hard down the hill. I was petrified and realized I did NOT want to attempt such a foolish feat.


I hit the brakes, but they did not respond (no one had informed me that the brakes did not work on said bike).


Now in the far recesses of my mind I had to make a split-second decision: do I just ride the bike into the mud and lake and simply flop into the mud (with a greater chance of hitting the bike and being injured) or do I take the ramp and go into the deeper water.


I chose the ramp. However, I was so scared (or out of shape) that my body would not do what my mind was telling it to-- to let go of the bike and sail through the air.


I simply went right into the lake. (Fito said all of the girls did the same...)


Well, I stitches, no broken bones, not even a bruise. I did hit my head on the muddy bottom, but did not hit the bike and showed my children that mom still has some spunk left in her.


Here is my graceful jump:



Hope you had a great can hear my son Tony laughing as he filmed this. He of course, is in perfect shape, being in the army...


Fito, too, just laughs and laughs when he watches IS funny and you will not hurt my feelings at all...hope this makes your day a little better and may you be blessed with some wonderful summer days of fun.

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