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Poop, pee, and pus. Water and a job.

I am working full-time this week…yuk. It has been over 100 degrees now for more than a week…yuk. Elizabeth was gone to girl’s camp last week…yuk for me…yea for her.


The cousins were here last week and Austin kept sleep walking (and then waking up, not refreshed at all). His mom finally came and picked him up and she said he slept for almost two days straight when he got home.


I guess mom and home are what he needed.


Always, at the end of school, I think, summer is coming. Then I will have time to do this or this. But then summer comes and somehow we seem even busier than during the school year. This summer, we had four different family reunions to go to.


We already had two, and then we missed one on Saturday in Amarillo, Texas. It was for my mom’s paternal side of the family. I had already decided to not take my mother, as several weeks ago, I took her out for the whole day and there were just too many complications.


She just needs to be at home now, so she is near all the things that help and accommodate her.


Anyway, my mom woke me up in the middle of the night and had a problem. She was really constipated. I stayed with her for over an hour, when we finally found a solution… (not nice). Therefore, I needed to stay with her on Saturday. Fito did not want to go to the reunion by himself so we did not go at all.


We did go and see the new Batman movie, though, and it was really good. I liked it much more than the first two movies. The second movie was too intense I thought…too psycho…which I do not like.


We ended up going to a wedding Saturday and then afterward going to a birthday party. It was Fito, Nena (Fito’s mom), and I and the home we went to belonged to an El Salvadoran family. There were several families from El Salvador there.


Except when we are with Fito’s family, I don’t believe we have been around that many El Salvadorans in a long time. Most of the Spanish people you meet are Mexican in this part of Oklahoma. You occasionally meet people from other countries, but not as much.


We had so much fun eating tamales from El Salvador and just talking about the country, the people, and the food. The families were very cordial and we had an enjoyable time.


I stepped in at the last minute at the college’s summer program for kids, i.e., College for Kids. I am teaching Wacky Science to 1 and 2 Graders and Spanish to 1 – 4 graders. Last week I did a Human Body class.


I realized something about myself. I had the best time ever teaching the Human Body class. I love anatomy, nutrition, biology…and it was fun teaching the stuff.


I took a turkey and showed the class the inside where you could see the back, ribs, etc. We cut open the heart, liver, and kidneys. I showed them the neck and tail and where they had been severed from the body.


Poop, pee, and pus. All topics children find fascinating. I always wanted to be a medical doctor. It didn’t happen, but maybe I can inspire another to become one.

We drilled a well and found water! It is a real blessing as many of our neighbors have drilled and found nothing or only brackish water.


He found the water at 120 feet and then drilled on down to 140 feet. We cannot disconnect from city water, but now we will have water for the gardens and animals. We have been on mandatory water rationing every single summer we have lived in this house.


Having our own well will be incredible!


A school called Fito this morning. They wanted to interview him. I had sent a resume in May as the job he currently has never had him sign a new contract and there were rumors that they were closing the school.


The other school uses one Spanish teacher that travels to three elementary schools to teach Spanish to the 4 and 5 graders. They have had this position and program for 18 years.


Therefore, the teacher is like an art or PE teacher. It is a fun class. No homework (no grading papers). No major tests. No grades except for satisfactory, etc. It sounds like a great job!


Then when Fito called his Principal of the school where he currently works to tell them the news…the Principal told him that he had been meaning to call and speak with him all summer.


The ELL (English language Learners) coordinator had moved to another school and her position was open. They want Fito to take the job. It will pay more and he will also be given another planning period to help out.


There are pros and cons to both positions. What a decision to make. I was already fasting today, but I told Fito I would keep fasting to help him make the best decision. I guess we will see what happens.


Water and a job! What great blessings!

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