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New York City

Yesterday was New York City. On Saturday, I had told everyone that we would sleep in on Sunday, but I woke up early to work and put pictures on the Web Site.


Around 8 am, I started waking up individuals to take showers (that is sleeping in after the past 3 days). We finally left for NYC around 10 am.


West Point is about 1 and 1/2 hours north of NYC. Tony came with us in the Suburban so


We drove to Harlem and 127th and parked the car there. Tony figured this out a while back. He found this area was close to the freeway, easy on and off, and there are area to park for free. It's not the driving in New York that is is the parking. Sometimes up to $50 an hour, depending on where you are.


We then walked to a station and took the subway in to Grand Central Station. What an elegant building! What architecture. They really used to know how to create beauty.

Then we walked 8? blocks to Times Square. TV or movies cannot show what that place is really like. It is full of energy.


We then went to the visitor's center to pick up our tour tickets. I had bought group rate tickets on the Internet as it was cheaper that way.


We then had to walk 12 blocks to the pier as we had tickets for a river cruise. The cruise was incredible and our host was very knowledgeable. But it was soooo cold.


We saw the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan Skyline, Brooklyn, several bridges, and so much more. They still have the pier where the Titanic was supposed to dock at. It is now a memorial to the lost.


Then we took a bus back and toured downtown which has so many sights. We got off at Ground Zero and saw the bronze relief dedicated to the fallen firefighters.


We saw too many sights to name, but it is an incredible and very large, very busy city. So much history, business, and so forth.


We stopped to eat between the two tours at Times Square. The children wanted to eat "New York Pizza." Fito and i gave them money and then went to another shop and had Chinese.


We also bought some hoodies for some of the children who had forgotten to bring jackets. We finished the last tour about 8 pm.


We then took the subway back to Harlem, picked up the car and drove to the Bronx. Fito has a first cousin who lives there, whom he has not seen in 31 years.


Tony has stayed with them a few times while in NYC. We had such a nice visit. Fito's family is numerous, but they are an incredible family; close to each other, kind, hard workers, gracious hosts, and always fun to be around.


We finally left there around 11 pm and arrived back to Cromwell at 12:30 am. What a great day, and I wore tennis shoes so my feet did not hurt. Elizabeth told me, I looked weird wearing a suit with tennis shoes. I told her I was a tourist and was allowed to look weird.


Also, I added pics to my Web Site. They are under the family link: NYC vacation.




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