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More work.

I know it's been awhile since I was on. My computer is still giving me problems. I thought I had solved the problem and didn't have any problems for about 10 days and then all of a sudden, it started turning itself off again.


Except, when it did so on Sunday evening, Windows would not open up. I ran diagnostics and system restore, but Monday it still was not working. of course, yesterday, I had classes and work and needed to get to stuff, but couldn't.


Today, when I turned it on, It opened up just fine and I was able to do work.


Right now, I am at David's school. I brought Papito (our parrot) to school. I have been here 2 hours. In this class, they are watching a movie and the teacher was fine with Papito staying with him on his shoulder so I came to the Library to blog.


Lunch is next, and David wanted me to stay during lunch so everyone can see him. The student's, just as in the elementary school, are going crazy over him. I guess a lot of students haven't ever been around a parrot.


Yesterday, I worked the whole day doing assessments at Tinker and then I taught a cooking class at night.


I also just started a Spanish computer class which lasts six weeks. It is a fun class to teach, and it looks like I am going to teach an ADA compliant class for Oklahoma City. I go with the director this week to see exactly what the city is looking for.


My cooking class has a lady who is married to a man from Guatemala and she had so many crazy stories...just like my marriage. They have been married for 5 years and yesterday, we had our 27th year anniversary. She reminded me of many of the situations, traditions, cultural differences, etc. that Fito and I had to accommodate or adjust to.


Hopefully, we can sneak away this weekend for our anniversary. We went to the home and garden show at the fairgrounds on Saturday. We purchased 2 nights, with two shows, and a dinner at Branson, Missouri for $99. We do this almost every year. We have to visit a time share, but that only takes about an hour or so and then we are free for the rest of the week end.


It's a cheap way to get a trip if you can say no to the sales pitch. In addition, if you have never gone to Branson, you should go. The shows are all clean, entertaining, and fun. It is a great tourist spot and they have worked very hard to keep it clean and that you can take your children and not have to worry about anything.


I made Pupusas two times last week and grilled chicken a few times. One day, Maria was here and we made goulash. I had her triple the recipe so we made three pans of it. Two are in the freezer.


I put some bacon out for tonight, but have not decided what to make. I am leaning towards pancakes and bacon or maybe BLT's. 


Sunday, I helped out in the nursery again, working with Travis and Maria. I like being in there with them because it gives me the opportunity to guide them in how to handle that age group.


They want to just let them play, but I am helping them to learn that the children CAN be taught to sit still for a bit. Or that they can be taught to eat their snacks slowly, one bite at a time, with their mouth closed. We are also teaching them to say please and thank you. To be careful where they place their cups so they don't spill.


Also, to take one toy at a time, put it away, then get another toy. To sing pretty and loud, but not boisterous. To share, to color, and not get the crayon on the table. To not climb, to not hit, to not run or yell in the church. If this age group (18 months to 3 years) IS taught properly in the nursery, they will enter their first primary class prepared to be taught. The nursery is not is the children first class.


I really like this age group. The growth from 18 months to 3 years is astronomical and sets the stage for the rest of their training, their attitude in life, and so forth. I wish mothers and teachers really understood how much intelligence is affected in this time and how low most people's expectations are.


Well, I guess I will get off my soapbox for now as David will be here any moment and I have the privilege of eating in the middle school cafeteria.


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