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Finished book.

Yesterday, I slept in until 6:30 am. Felipe and I did not do his early morning class. I got ready and David and I went to his Doctor's appointment.


They took x-rays and the bone had healed well so he was able to get his cast off yesterday. He had broken a bone in his right palm about 5 weeks ago. So he was excited to have the use of his right hand again.


After I took David home, I went to teach my computer class. We were setting up email accounts and as always we were able to only create accounts for about one third of the class. Does anyone else hate those squiggly words that you can't make out?!? We will have to finish the rest of the class next week.


I did some errands after the class, then went home. I knew I had to make dinner tonight as I hadn't cooked since Tuesday. We had been eating leftovers and the pizza Felipe cooked.


There was some leftover chicken from Monday that I de-boned and mixed into rice (while it was dry and I was frying it) that I was cooking. Originally, I thought to add some shrimp, too, but there was enough chicken to make a nice meal.


David wanted goulash so he helped me and Maria make a batch. We made a big enough batch that we could give a small casserole away. That is one of the ways I like to serve...take food to others. And I always keep a supply of the disposable aluminum pans on hand. That way, I don't have to worry about losing pans or dishes.


And if you are making bread, cookies, pasta, etc.--why not just double the recipe?


When Fito got home from work, we ate outside and then after he and the boys checked on the animals we sat outside on the patio for more than an hour. The weather here has been absolutely perfect. In the high 70's or low 80's during the day and dropping down into the 50's at night. A light breeze is common to Oklahoma. Definitely football weather.


Fito went to watch his student's at their football game, so I just finished my book. We then stayed up and watched the movie, Ever After. It is one of our favorites. I was lucky to have married a man who likes romantic comedies.

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