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Another long day.

I could not wake up Felipe today. It would have been a fight to do so and I did not think it the effort. However, he did say he would play the concentration game I made that teaches the scriptures he is supposed to be learning in his early morning class--I conceded with that promise.


I did some chores and got everyone off to school, then went to teach my class. Today was the last time I was with these students. This is a six week business training class for Spanish speakers. They learn ESL, computer skills, resume writing, interview skills, how to look for a job, and more. I teach the computer part which includes basic computer, Word, and Internet. It has been a great group. I have never taught any other group this much information. They were really bright students.


I came home and worked on writing and did some cleaning.


The mechanic called, he thinks the problem with the Suburban is in the differential, so I need to take it somewhere else. I picked up Maria from OU. Did an errand, then took her to the mechanic. She drove the Suburban home, while Rebeca and I went to the Dollar Store and the Library. A small town near us, just built a new library and it is beautiful, fun, comfortable, pleasing...I guess you get the point.


When we came home, we ate some pork and rice, The rice was leftover from the fund raiser and the pork was just pieces that I cooked in water, salt, and pepper, put a lid on it and then cooked it for about an hour until the water is all cooked off and it sautes the meat. This is how I do the meat for Pupusas, and the children always nibble at it. I thought I would make some and just let them have it with rice.


I was told, though, that they would rather have the Pupusas!


We watched a movie, did the bed stuff. Another long day.

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