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A new venture?

Today is Saturday and I still do not have my computer back. I called today and he said he still did not know what the problem that computer lingo for I have not had time to look at your machine?


I have spent the morning updating my website and working outside. Rebeca and I played the matching game and now I need to get to laundry.


Fito made the BEST rice ever...but he burned the chicken he was cooking outside on the grill.


Yesterday, I worked in the morning and then went to the mall in the afternoon. I had fun there! I met Emalie and Matthew for lunch.


In the evening, Fito and I went to see a concession trailer for sale. He and some friends are thinking of starting a business together.


I have mixed emotions about the whole thing. Last time we started a business with someone (a restaurant) we ended up with a burned down building, (arson) in civil court, (with the insurance company), and after three long years, three repossed cars, and tryin,g trying, trying, to pay bills...bankruptcy...and a partner in prison.


One of those life experiences.


We have learned a lot and will do many things differently this time.

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