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Going to Albuquerque for Spring Break 2012!!!

On my way back from there!

From Dubuque, Iowa to Nogulas, AZ and Back

DON’T DO anything STUPID

Went to Angelfire! Heading home to Texas! Fan Hill great spring break

Sarah, Olivia, Emily

Loved the trip


Heading home to Euless, TX after great Spring Break trip to Santa Fe! Loved the snow!

March 25, 2012

Fr: Sophinsm Arizona

Going to Oklahoma

gotta love Texas!!

Cruisin from Washington State all the way to Dallas with my family. Such a great trip.

#Swag Love,



to “California” & back

1-18-12 to 3-18-12

Via truck and travel trailer!

Just got out of a ticket in Tx

Woo Hoo!!!

It pays to have Big Titties lm-o!

Ms. Sandy Bee

going back to California

Going home to Iowa after spending Spring Break in Phoenix.

Driving cross country to be with the man of my dreams and who just happens to be the very best daddy my princess could ever hope for

She drew a heart and in the center of it saying LOVE YOU BABY

Going home to AZ after a week in Oklahoma

-June, Kim, Cory Jr.

The Rat Pack did it again!

2012 Spring Break

Loved the snow in New Mexico and Colorado!!!

From Japan to Hawaii to Nevada to Georgia to Alabama to Texas on my way to Washington J

J Lillian

Spring Break! 3-17-12

Arkansas to Arizona

J Grand Canyon Family Trip J

Melissa was


New life awaits

in Nusseluille tr!

Spring Break!

going Back to Oklahoma! Oklahoma to California

Marissa to California

Velocity skim boards rocks

Spring Break is finished

Spring Break!

We went to Tyler


Someone drew a cloud and in the center of it says AVA. Below it says A R Leelelle

Hi Every One

We are on are way to a new life in Cali. We have came from W.V. on 3-18-2012

God is taking care of everything; with my Husband, Son, Daughter and 2 Dogs! Doing great! Hope everyone’s trip is going Great! God Bless All.


A girl drew a flower and in the middle of the flower says her name Alia.

Great grandma died, L

So come to Texas to go to funeral and see

family! J



Albuquerque to Amarillo Ivett Jimenez


We are from Latria

(small country in Europe)

Take care of you!!!

Jolant Karina

Nonda trio

Lady’s sweet

From Seattle to Dallas 3/19/12


Going home to Austin from Cali.

Just can’t stay away!

-A. Haimas

From the canyon island happy to b here in Texas J

Mar 25/2012

En route to Winnipeg Canada

From Mesa. Leaving warm weather.

Not so sad after spending first night

at Sky City Casino Hotel and won

$212.55 Nice clean restrooms. Thanks

J & B

25 Wedding Anniv. On our way home

to Coweta, Ok 10 day Road Trip to

Vegas, back.


Jeff and Janice

From Sacramento to

Arkansas, Arkansas to OK, and back to Sacramento

with my baby brother and his

family I haven’t seen him like

5yrs hope God bless my trip

Love Daisy, BARRY

Been to Grand Canyon!

Totally Awesome. Going home

to Clajosville, Arkansas



Going to Lupuise, AZ- March 2012

to see KC Royals at

Spring Traming!

From Webbcity, MO

Headed home to D F W from having seen Tx Rangers spring Training in AZ. Then the Grand Canyon it was great!

A & Ann

Going to Las Vegas

for monster jam from

Oklahoma family road trip 3/20/12 Starla

Going Back To Pennsylvania After Wonderful Trip To CA, UT, AZ, and CO!

“Life is Precious”

Passing by from Omaha NE to Phoenix AX

Tom & Vela :P

Colorado To Texas-2012 Great Ski Trip At Durango!!

The Sedlaceks J

Went from Richmond, VA.

To Palm Desert, Cali

to see friends!

Heading back!!


From Lufkin, Tx to Los Angeles (by way ofVegas) taking my 11year old daughter to

see an agent. Look for her on Disney Channel in the future!


From Auburn Alabama To Costa Mesa California

Back now to Tennessee and then to Columbus, GA

OMG!! Ema McCoy

Yarts From



Gillen Couiere

North Carolina to Mexico

Texas is an amazing state

-Gaby Lopez


She drew a heart.

Moving from MN To Las Vagas


On our way to Taos, NM for our honeymoon

A bit windy compared to Houston!


NJ to CA!


Jen and Elaine

<3 Sisters <3

Las Vegas

To Rhode



Big Love

Disneyland and Grand Canyon

Girls Only Road Trip!

From Chicago To Ono Valley

Woody and Doll

3/28/2012 Married 45 years

From a trailer in Mesa AZ, to home in Ontario, Canada.

Rme Mar 20, 2012

From Wisconsin to Las Vegas and back. Excellent trip! Couldn’t fly because husband

had surgery on lung.


Best trip to Santa Fe with my love!!


J and T

Moving from Miami to Las Vegas

3/26/12 JP

From Peuria, OK to Alamegordo, N.M. Spring Break 3-18-12 Donna and Linda OKC

New Mexico to Texas

From Bisbee, AZ

to Anadarko, OK and Back!

RLC 3/21/2012

College of Wooster Outdoors club on a 2wk spring break!

Moab Utah and Los Alamos, New Mexico


<3 Dabuey


Going home to Pahrump, NV

Sue Firhi 2/24/12

Just leaving to North Carolina to Cali

Love you

Glorie Lobell

Moving LA -> Chicago with my son

Went snowboarding in New Mexico! Had a blast. Heading home.

-<3- Anna

We drove from NYC to Cali 7 months ago. Just got offered a job overseas- so we’re driving from CA-FL-WV-NYC- to move to Hong Kong! BACB!

Driving back home to Illinois after spending 3 great, sunny weeks in Arizona!!

M & K

Another one only 2 weeks home

S G – DM

Buffalo New York to Quartzsite, AZ with my honey!

From Evie PA to has Ciuus, Tucson, and Las Vegas. Our winter getaway.


From Dallas to New Mexico to AZ to Utah back through CO into New Mexico on our way home. <3 Texas

Moving to Florida from Las Vegas. Lived in Vegas for 14 years. Going to miss it, but sunny beaches here I come!

o Hetkowski Family!

Good to still see a Stuckey’s- Back to Missouri from Tucson trip-

Recently retired so had to go to Phoenix- Started in WY- Now to Amarillo to visit family- then back home for a short stop! Love retirement!

Drevery back to Fort Worth, TX from Las Vegas, NV after 3 months. J

Hi coming from Maine to visit my older kids. Be safe TW 2012

Driving back to Houston :P


From Ft. Hood Texas to Albuquerque while my husband is on leave from the Army J

Feb 2012

Driving back to Komarno, Mb. Canada from Mesa, AZ God Bless- what a great trip w/ Beauty,

Steven/Carole JJ

Driving from CO to Patagania (South America) on the expedition of a lifetime!

o Sofia & Epon

Tudy & Mary to Las Vegas

Feb 12

Driving from Michigan to Arizona to be 3 months snowbirds!

Al & Terri

A great country of scenery

Went from Mo to California to see new friends. Now back home to Mo. Home sweet home.

Travelling to Georgia to Oregon, great trip so far!

Shirley & Pierre

From ATL leaving Cali on the way to MO with the love of my life. Having an awesome time.

Teresa AKA Huunny Buunny

From Venhura Ca. on way to Oklahoma to see friends and family and to hit the Disc Golf curses…

Peace Love & Fuzzy Bunnies

From New Zealand Great Trip


Going home to Idaho!

Lawrence, KS to Fountain Hills (Scottdale) AZ. Hello Sunshine!

01/30/12 JH

From El Paso, TX to Phoenix, to Witchita Falls, TX and back to El Paso. Crazy road trip :P!! But an awesome adventure!

Phx -> Michigan


Kellee & Dirik

From Okla to Washington to Arizona here home Okla tonight 17 day trip a blast

Lizzet <3 Aldasa

Truth or consequence, NM to Welty, Ok of best friend going to c grandpa and Porta Rica from headed to sunny AZ. <3

From OK Tulsa to Cali 24 hour drive getting very boring. J

I live at Tucumcari going to Ama, TX to get groceries at Walmart!

That is really smart at the price of gas!

Cross-country road school trip for year- teaching my 11 yr old real history up-close! 43 states so far!! Woohoo!! Love this country. Such nice people & amazing places esp: Field of dreams Iwoa and Gulf shores Nat’l Seashore at Fort Pickens. Go have an adventure!

Jenni & Jax

Seattle to Arkansas


Yokwe NM awlep!!

Jen Elma Kintaro Anew Daisey Aneo Barry & Truly Silk Rujke

Spring break Jen Springdale, AR to Sacramento, Cali


From Albuquerque New Mexico going to Oklahoma to see my grandma praying for the best


On a 6 wk road trip from: Ketchiban, Alaska. Have freeways!! LOL- Enjoying your area- But- It is hot down here!



From Woodward OK to Malin OR with the family went to see grandpa for his 80 b-day

Jessica, Haley, Allison and all the cordeiros


To Salt Lake City from Dallas to watch General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. J (

-Reyes/Sagastizado Family

LSA was here


Going back home to Minnesota from vacation in Arizona J

Washington state represent! Going to see Dad’s side of on our way back to the family! With the family #swaggie Love


Spring break


On our way back to Jamesbon, AR from seeing Sasuaios in Arizona! Best vacation in a long time!

The Vanmeters


From North Carolina 2 San Diego California! Bringing my boyfriend who just got out of the USMC back home! So much fun! One hell of a drive

Always Gitanti & Nick

March 16, 2012 Angelfire- Home to Texas! <3 Olive

The Morgan Family

o March 5 left Japan

o March 9 left Hawaii

o March 14 left Tahoe

o March 17 left Alabama

o March 21 left Texas

Still in TX… Heading for WA state.

<3 Shannon

To Texas-New Mexico-Big Bend-Rosswell-Sante Fe NM

Isabella & Sofia Houston TX

Going to Las Vegas for mom

Driving there from Salt Lake City UT on our way to Little Rock Arkansas-


Love Velocity skimboards

TX to AZ going back from Arizona state took my son on a campus visit. He will be a freshman in the Fall 2012


Fonda was here


Lord Bless pickup Round daughter


*Spring Break*

March 17, 2012! =D

Going from Ft. Smith Arkansas to the Grand Canyon! 17 hour drive


Coming back from honeymoon (in AZ) go back to MO (Deffer MO). Had a blast sleepy for a week.

Mary M.

To Arkansas from Arizona.

-Toronto watching


-Jessica (:

Kim & Me BFF

On a great American road trip J from MN to North CA, SO, CA, AZ- now Enrouto to St. Louis & KC, MO- then home. We have a great country! God Bless America!

Going home- Spend winter in NV… Going “Home” to Eastern Canada… Wow

Back to UA from AZ for Dodgers Spring Training Porters

Moving back to Pittsburgh from Arizona! Go Steelers!!


Spring Break


Skiing in Red River, NM! From Corinth, TX


Spring Break

Back to Norman and Blanchard, OK.

PS. Mr. Sabat I’m gonna marry you some day J

To New Mex w/ 2 kids (work) stay 1 week back to Ms. (Frederick Town MO) to NM 3 days back good so far 2 tires w showing belts broken brakes screwed we b OK! We always find in this world a way! Thank you God!


Spring Break


Ski Taos!

Soaked at OSO Caliente

I’m on my way to Co. from East TX 3-24-12

Moving my folks from Columbus, NM to Ridgeland, WA

Amy Lee & Mike

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