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I picked up some pictures this morning of the destruction on our property to have for the insurance adjuster. Oh my goodness! No wonder I am so tired.
All the driving was tiring, and then we came home to constant, non stop physical hard manual labor...which I do prefer to sitting in a car for long periods, but nonetheless has made me TIRED.
Monday was Memorial Day and we had had other plans, but us and about 300 people from our church spent the day helping others.
A crew was sent to our home first and they helped us finish some of our messes and then we went into the neighborhood and helped others.

Home and tornado clean up.

We found out about the Tornado while at Niagara Falls. That was Tuesday night, June 24th. We were going to drive straight through, but when we checked the weather, the whole middle part of the US was under thunderstorm and tornado watches.
There fore, we decided to just drive during the day as to not be in possible storms in the dark.
We saw the falls which were spectacular, but I think dampened by what we had just learned. Everyone just wanted to get to the motel and relax.
We left the next morning and headed west.