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Tony's Graduation Trip

Tornado hits our back yard!

This will be a short blog as we need to get on the road. We are headed home. We still had four more days planned, but a tornado/high winds hit our property last night and we need to get home to take care of things,
Apparently, our home is okay, some damge to siding and roof, but it turned east and lifted up a huge tree and dumped it on Fito's work shop, plus the roof is missing. The trampoline is gone...our neighbor said there are springs all over their yard. The chicken coop, the horse shed, the turkey pen, the rabbit shed are all destroyed.

New York City

Yesterday was New York City. On Saturday, I had told everyone that we would sleep in on Sunday, but I woke up early to work and put pictures on the Web Site.
Around 8 am, I started waking up individuals to take showers (that is sleeping in after the past 3 days). We finally left for NYC around 10 am.
West Point is about 1 and 1/2 hours north of NYC. Tony came with us in the Suburban sothat we did not have to follow him in the traffic or try to park two cars, so we had 11 people in the Suburban.

Graduation Day.

What a long day, but incredible. We left at 7:10 am to get to West Point on time. They had warned us at the banquet last night that there were extra security measures and we needed to be at West Point early, even though graduation wasn't until 10 am.
Talk about a run around. We went to gate after gate and was told it was closed and that they had opened a different gate, only to get to that gate and find it was closed.
They even switched gates between North bound and South bound traffic and we even did a u-turn on the highway to switch gates.

8 states in 26 hours.

Quickly, because we must leave in a little bit, I will try to catch up for the past two days.
We left Ohio, Thursday morning and headed east on 70. We arrived at West Virgina several hours later then drove on through Pennsylvania, New Jersey, then fianially...YEA...New York.
We had driven through Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana during the night. 8 states in 26 hours of driving. Over 1500 miles. through rain and fog...ha, at least no sleet or snow.
We saw a Wal-mart when we were close to our destination, so we stopped to purchase milk, cereal, and sandwich stuff.

In Ohio.

We are in Ohio. It is 8:30 am and we drove all night. We had to bypass one area in Illinois as there was a bridge out. And then I got back on the wrong road and didn't catch it until 30 miles or so.
So that slowed us down. We should be in New York, I estimate around 7-8 pm with stops included. We need showers now...what will we look like then?
There has been construction, detours, etc. It was super foggy in Illinois and I had to keep slowing down. We ate last night at Wendy's from their dollar menu.

New York here we come!

We are almost ready to go. Look out New York. Benjamin arrived from Kansas about an hour ago and they are finishing packing everything into the trailer.
We are taking the Suburban (which seats 7) and there are 10 of us. When we reach West Point we will have Tony's vehicle, too, and then we will not be so crowded.
We bought a large cooler yesterday and in it are frozen pans of enchiladas, lasagna, and goulash. I  had made a lot so we don't have to eat out as much. Even if we had the money, I do no like eating out as your energy level always goes down.