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Big time cooking! Tamales!

Thursdaynight, I was to pick up Tony at 11:40, but then he called around 10 pm and his plane hadn't even left. He got to OKC finally, around 1:30 am.
I then got up onFridaymorning and drove to Dallas (3 hours away) to pick up 4 of our nieces and nephews. I got caught in some traffic and it started raining on the way home-- that slowed us down. Then when we reached the Arbuckle Mountains (yea... I know they are not REAL mountains...hey, I grew up in Colorado...but here in Oklahoma they are mountains to us.

Busy as usual.

Monday, I was up at 5:30, but I forgot I was to go and pick up donuts for a fund raiser. I just quickly dressed then headed out the door. When I came back, I took Felipe to his class and then home then everyone to school.
I made some chicken tamales, then got ready for work. This was the first time ever I made such a small batch of tamales. There were about 23. I was a lot easier and went quickly. I cooked them in the pressure canner while I was in the shower.
I turned off the burner and headed out the door.

Tamales Fiasco

Well, I set out to make tamales yesterday and what a mess! First of all, I wasn't really planning at all to make tamales, but when the "stew" that I had pulled from the freezer turned out to be tamale meat mixture...I decided to go ahead as all I had to do was the masa.
I worked in the morning on the computer and then went to teach my computer class. Afterwards, I did two errands and then headed home. I got caught in some construction traffic on southbound 44. I couldn't go around it, because the 44 is the only way to cross the river unless I divert by many miles.