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Summer 2013

New kitchen counters, the beach, and America the Beautiful...

Here are some pictures of my finished kitchen counters. We used a marble called Amazon Rain Forest Gold. We also used stacked rock on the posts and used a combination of glass, travertine, and marble on the edges. We also bought a large farm sink of travertine.

School starts...my canning jar collection...

So much has happened lately. School started last week and we sent Rebeca and Elizabeth back to school. Therefore, there were all the activities to do, such as: buying school supplies, clothes, shoes, enrollment, open house, preparing for lunches, and so forth. A constant set of things to do and get done.
David is going to Mid-America Technical School. He is enrolled in two different programs. One is Entrepreneurship and the other is Graphic Artist. Each program lasts two years; one, he does in the morning, one in the afternoon.

Electricity...finally. Working on kitchen.

The past few weeks have been busy but amazing. I did not have to work and so I have been doing all the things that I did not have time to do while working.
I have been cleaning and organizing in my office, although, I am not completely done in there.I finished and stained a piece of furniture. It just needs new handles and it is done (the handles I bought were too long) and I haven’t made it back to that store to exchange them.
We had an electrician come out and he spent three days and now my mom’s room is completely done.

RAIN...the dock is under water! And it is July?

Rain, rain, and more rain. last year, we were in the middle of a severe drought and our lake almost dried up.
Look at it this morning, after hours of rain...in July! When we normally do not get any rain and it is super hot.
As you can see, the dock and gazebo are under water. This has never happened before.
This is on the way to work. The water was coming over the road in several spots. I have never seen this either. I though OKC would be worse as there is usually flooding there, but apparenetly, we received more rain than they did.

Canning and summer fun.

I havecannedsome this summer, although, I usually put everything in the freezer and just wait for a cold, snowy day. Then I pull the bags out and makesalsaor whatever else I have.
This eliminates heating up your kitchen in the middle of the summer and it also divides up the work so you are not doing an immense amount of work all at once.
However, I had cooked a couple of turkeys, had about 15 jars of plum juice that I had extracted from two boxes of plums I was given, and did not want all that to sit in the freezer for months.

Are your children "helpers" or "hindrances"?

Okay parents. I have been teaching your children (or somebody’s children) for the past 2 months. I have had first grade up to 8th grade students.
I have taughtCharacterCounts, which is on developing good character traits. How is it that your 8th grader doesn’t know what the wordobediencemeans? How can it be that your 1st grader doesn’t know whathonestyis?
I know you have spent countless hours taking your child to soccer, piano, gymnastics, or something similar. But have you ever taught him or her to sit still?

Preparedness seminar, more on the tree house, busy, busy, busy..

Weeks go by, months go by, my summer is going by, and I still haven’t even finished what I wanted to accomplish during the spring. Oh well, I think we are all in the same spot; too little time and too many obligations.
I was in charge of a Preparedness Seminar for our church. Of course, I cannot do anything so-so. I have to do the best I can…almost to the point of being a perfectionist, but I definitely am not as bad as I used to be.
I like efficiency as much as perfection; therefore, I am willing to let some details go in order to get something done quicker.

"Ride the bike down the hill, up a ramp, and into the pond" Party!

I have been working full-time, plus one of the teachers severely broke one leg and the foot on the other leg...so...I took her evening class. Which meant 13 hour work days, two times a week. Needless to say, I am tired.
However, at the same time, the weather has been incredible and we have had some really lovely fun days and evenings.
Two years ago, while Fito and I were out-of-town, Matthew invited friends over and they had a "Ride the bike down the hill, up a ramp, into the pond" party.