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Spring 2014

Spring babies, Spring projects

Baby chicks! My husband bought an incubator at the flea market. he tried it for the first time this year and it worked!
Same chicks, but now they are bigger.
Spring has come! We have had many spring days in the 60s and 70s. The daffodils have bloomed and now the Irises are starting to bloom. However, here in Oklahoma, nature never gives in easily…it snowed last week! And then had a late freeze and all our corn peeking up about four inches high…froze.

In and out. Mom burns her feet.

In and out. That small phrase explains my life this past 6 weeks. First of all, my mom burned her feet and shins in the bathtub. We have 4 and ½ baths and plenty of people here all the time. Therefore, in order to have enough hot water, we keep the water tank on hot.

I have always taught the children to start with cold, add hot water and to always check the water before you get into it. However, my mom has become, I guess, as a two-year old. She never takes a bath on her own, but this day she went to take a bath by herself.

Blooming Daffodils in Ice

My goodness, my life has not slowed down since before Christmas. Christmas is always incredibly busy, but my family is growing each year and Christmas just becomes more and more work, but also more enjoyable, as we now have grandchildren. Little children are the best at Christmas. No one gets more excited than them.

Then after Christmas, we had Matthew and Ashley’s wedding. Then after the wedding, it took almost 2 weeks before I had everything borrowed; returned, everything cleaned, everything put away.