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Spring 2013

Tornados, rain, and a tree fort...

This is the old metal bridge that slammed into I-44 in Newcastle. This is about 5 miles north of where we live.
This is the Newcastle/Moore tornado. This is in Newcastle looking north. All these photos I found on the news's websites.

Mother's day, Spring cleaning, and good friends.

Last Thursday, I woke up at 5:00 am, took David to his early morning religious class and worked on my blog answering comments. It was a friend’s birthday and so he stayed for the other, later class that starts at 7:00 am. We left the church afterwards and got home about 8:30.

I then started to do stuff on the computer and the dentist office called. David’s appointment wasn’t until 1:00pm, but they had a cancellation.

Could we go in at 10:00 am?

Rebeca and I quickly bathed and the three of us made it to the dentist’s by 10.

A new outfit for Belle, cooking for a crowd

My husband volunteered me to cook for an inservice at one of the schools where he teaches. (It is okay, cause that means Icanvolunteer him to do something for me).
The first thing I did was to retrieve my two large roaster pans from the pantry. I then took the two turkeys from the fridge, unwrapped them, cut off the excess fat, tail, pulled out the giblets, etc., washed them and set them in the roaster pans. I then added water and seasonings to makeSpanish Turkey.
The gibblets just go in the scaps bucket and are fed to the chickens.

Flea markets, elephants, and the blahs...

Time just keeps plugging along and I am always behind it. I just never seem to be able to do what I would like to do. An appointment comes along, someone is sick or someone has a need and what I was going to do that day or evening is put on hold while I take care of life.

We are all in the same boat, floating along on this ocean we call life, sometimes the seas are peaceful, sometimes we are hit with huge waves, nonetheless, we keep afloat, try to do the best we can and keep trying to reach our destination.

Posole recipe, a new puppy, and an ice storm...

Thursday evening, we had a church gathering at my house. This year we are trying to promote self-reliance so each month we are doing different meetings on different aspects of the theme.

Thursday's meeting was, "20 ways to use Rice and Beans". I had about 15 different packages of beans, about 4 of rice, of course. There are many more types of beans and rice, but I was concentrating on what I mainly use.

I showed how to startbeans from scratch, how to make quick and easyrefried beans, how to make

Tamales from El Salvador, Easter, and a tender poem

I am standing in a meeting – yes, I said standing. It was poorly planned and they had it in a location where there wasn’t sufficient parking or room for all the participants. This has happened before with this organization and somehow my husband talked me into coming again (even though I had said I would not…and I stood for more than 2 hours).
This is one of the dilemmas of marriage; each one accommodating and pleasing the other.
He promised me something extra if I came with him again.

A new grandson, sleeping on the floor, and a beautiful moon...

Alexander with new baby brother, Greyson.

Andwonderfully, Maria had him naturally instead of c-section as she had with Alexander. We are so happy to have him here finally!

The past two days were a blur as I ate, slept, and lived at OU Children's Hospital.

Maria, my daughter, had called me early Monday (2:00 am) to tell me she was in labor. SinceAlexander had come at 34 weeks and as she was 35 weeks, I told her things she could do to try and stop the labor.

At 8:00 am, when we spoke again, she was still in labor, so I canceled my day class and went to pick her up.

A baby on the way? A reception and a birthday party...sleep...what's that?

It is 6:29 pm on Tuesday, March 26, 2013. I am at the hospital right now. Maria called me at 2:00 am and said that she was in labor. She is at 35 weeks right now and so we wanted it to stop, not progress. I told her some things she could do that might slow it down. I also told her to ask her doctor if she could take her shot (she had Xander at 34 weeks and takes weekly shots to keep her from going into labor prematurely).

Her shot was due to be taken on Wednesday, but in the morning when she spoke with the doctor she was told to just come in and be checked out before she did anything.

Branson trip, big presentation, cooking, and daffodills.

Fito and I are in Branson, Missouri right now. This was a free trip from when I had my Lasik surgery done. The company put us up at a time-share and we are taking a tour tomorrow for $75 in cash and two 3-day/2-night vacations.
Before we went in to check-in, I warned Fito that they would try to get us to take a tour. We had decided that there was no way we wanted to take a tour (we have done this many times before…and no, we do not own a timeshare, but do belong to a travel club). But for spending money…well…we can lose an hour.