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Spanish Diet

Using Leftovers.

With 9 children and various in-laws and friends over all the time...I cook a lot. However, day-to-day, I do not always know how many will come, so I end up withleftoversquite a bit.

Through the years, I have learned how to take that dried food that you really do not want to eat, and turn it into something yummy.

See the yummy chicken and veggies that my husband made?

We also made rice this night that is called casamiento (which is marriage in Spanish), as there is rice and beans together. Which is an easy way to get rid of a small amount of leftover

Feeding 140 people.

I did a meal for 140 missionaries about two weeks ago. The first thing I did was about a week before the meal, I bought two turkeys, each around 25 pounds, and I cooked them in roasters pans using mySpanish Turkeyrecipe.  We had turkey for dinner that night, along with mashed potatoes, corn and peas, and rolls.

Later in the evening, when they had cooled down, I de-boned them, putting all the meat into one of the roaster pans, putting it into the freezer, and freezing the broth from the other turkey.

Cooking cheaply, easily, and yummy(ly)

I wanted to share some ideas of how I cook for a lot of people, but do it in a quick, easy, and inexpensive way.
First of all, I buy bigger items which tend to be cheaper. For example, I buy a whole frozen turkey which is usually the cheapest way to buy poultry. I also have two upright freezers that I can fill, so I will buy many turkeys when they go on sale, which typically happens around holidays.
I then make aSpanish turkey(and many times I just simply peel the wrapping off and stick the whole big frozen turkey in the roaster pan with the liquid).

Posole recipe, a new puppy, and an ice storm...

Thursday evening, we had a church gathering at my house. This year we are trying to promote self-reliance so each month we are doing different meetings on different aspects of the theme.

Thursday's meeting was, "20 ways to use Rice and Beans". I had about 15 different packages of beans, about 4 of rice, of course. There are many more types of beans and rice, but I was concentrating on what I mainly use.

I showed how to startbeans from scratch, how to make quick and easyrefried beans, how to make

Taxes, cooking for a funeral, getting ready to paint...

I woke up early one morning and could not sleep. I kept thinking about the large amount of money that my mom owed on her taxes.
So I went to the Internet and started Googling different tax
items. I spent a lot of time on the IRS site reading publications and researching. I then pulled out her taxes and started going through them line by line. I also called the 800# at the IRS several times to ask questions to clarify certain points.
About seven hours later, I had learned enough and made a few changes, found some things her tax representative had not seen and made changes.

Spanish Corn recipe, lots of cooking, why we shouldn't go away for our anniversary...

The world keeps going around and my life is spinning right along with it. I feel as though my main function in life is to cook, clean, and do errands for others. Hummm….I guess that’s what moms do, but sometimes I just want to be invisible for one day.

This next week, though, I will have a break. It is our 29 Wedding Anniversary (read abouthow we got married).

I made arrangements to go to Branson, Missouri for the weekend. Branson is a fun, family friendly tourist destination that has more shows than even Nashville, Tennessee.

"Saturday Soup", My Salsa Recipe, canning and cleaning

I have done so much this past week that I amaze even myself. However, it is taking its toll. I am so tired that I fell asleep sitting up waiting in the doctor’s office for Maria and Xander. I keep falling asleep waiting for David from seminary (an early morning religious class…I usually walk, but haven’t lately because my hip joint is out of place).
I fall asleep waiting for classes to start, during a TV program, etc. I am just worn out.
But, boy I am way ahead of where I usually am at Christmas time.

A new car, what to do with left-overs, working on the garden, a thank you...

Thanksgiving is over and a resounding success. Good food, good company, beautiful weather, and lots to be thankful for.

This was the smallest group we have had in years. Tony was able to come from Missouri, and Matthew came down from Edmond.  Benjamin had to work so he didn’t come. Douglas is saving his days off to come at Christmas, so they did not come, either.

But Maria, Travis, and Zander were here. My mom, and Gabe (a nephew) and Ross (basically, an adopted son) were here. 14 in all. We usually have 20-30 people.

New yummy bread recipe, what to do with leftovers, cooking frozen meat, and family reunion

It has been a month since I last wrote anything although I feel as though it has been 3 months or more as so much has happened. We had a family reunion of Fito’s siblings, his mother, and an aunt and uncle. It is the first time in 12 years that he and his five siblings have all been together.

His sister and her family came from Ohio. His sister from Tacoma, Washington came with her husband. His two brothers and their wives came from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (and brought one child), and his other brother came from Los Angeles, California.

Cooking from leftovers...

This past week I did two different meals, where I took leftovers and changed them into a new meal. As I do this frequently, I thought I would share with you what I do.
The first meal was made from leftover turkey. Actually, I had canned the leftover turkey from Christmas, but one of the jars didn’t seal and was sitting in the fridge.
When I opened the fridge to “stare” at the contents for a while and try to come up with dinner, I saw the jar and thought, “Oh, I need to use that.”