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Pride and Prejudice

Cleaning day.

Friday, I slept in until 7:30 am. Elizabeth and Rebeca were ill and I knew they weren't going to school. Felipe and David got themselves off and on the bus.
I did some work on the computer, then put all 3 girls to work (my niece is here) cleaning the house. I made them go from room to room and pick up things that didn't belong there and put everything away.
Actually, all three are really good cleaners. I received some phone calls I had to take, and one was almost an hour. When I got off the phone, I let the girls stop and I started cleaning.

Finished Emma.

Tuesday, I got up around 6:15, worked on the computer, did the morning routine, then sat down to read the rest of my book,Emma.
I kept getting phone calls of things I needed to take care of. Then I was on the last 10 pages of the book and the door bell rang. I was still in my pajamas!
I peeked out the window and it was my Mom's visiting teachers. These are two ladies from our church that come to visit and check in on my Mom each month.
I let them in and we went down to my Mom's section.


Yesterday, Monday, I arose at 5:15 am and went to pick up the fund raiser donuts. Somehow the order was lost and they did not have them ready. They worked hard and quickly to assemble the order. The manager was exasperated, you could plainly tell. He gave me a hot chocolate while I was waiting and then offered me a discount when I went to pay for them.
Now that is a good manager. I told him, no to the discount, as I understand companies are run by human beings, and that errors occur. His graciousness allowed my graciousness.

My life is a Jane Austin Novel!

Auuuuugh!  My life is a Jane Austin novel at present. Maria (age 18) is engaged to Travis (age 19). During the summer they announced that they wanted to get married in September, but through much persuasion they postponed it.
Then they announced they would get married in December, but again we were able to convince them to wait.
Well...I just found out yesterday (and they weren't going to tell us until next week) that they are getting married on the 22nd of this month.
I keep telling them that age is irrelevant.

Finished book.

Yesterday, I slept in until 6:30 am. Felipe and I did not do his early morning class. I got ready and David and I went to his Doctor's appointment.
They took x-rays and the bone had healed well so he was able to get his cast off yesterday. He had broken a bone in his right palm about 5 weeks ago. So he was excited to have the use of his right hand again.
After I took David home, I went to teach my computer class. We were setting up email accounts and as always we were able to only create accounts for about one third of the class.

Still Frustrated

Istillcannot edit my website. I have some new recipes, photos, etc. to share. Tony has a really neat photo of him and the West Point Glee Club at the Yankees playoff game. They sang the National Anthem for the game.
Yesterday, I taught Felipe (age 15) his religious class before school. He is supposed to go to the home of someone else for the class, but getting him out of bed at 5:30 am is akin to holding back lava or something impossible. I have poured water on him, put ice in the bed, taken his covers and pillow, grabbed his legs and pulled (extremely unsuccessful) and more.