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Life Ebbs

Growing older and my most embarrassing moment.

It is raining today. What a blessing. We are still in the drought and have not had any rain for several weeks and just had two weeks of high temperatures. Rain seems so foreign, but soooo welcome. A perfect day to just lie in the hammock all day, but of course, not enough time to do that anyway.

Besides, honestly, I am not a hammock person…I get dizzy if I am in anything that moves: swinging or around. I get so sick I cannot even walk.

We are having a garage sale this weekend. Hummm. I think I remember that last time I had a garage sale saying I would never do it again.

Girl's camp, major cooking, and Tammy rants about parenting and how people dress

Another wonderful weekend, except for a very hectic Saturday morning where one thing after another went wrong. The day just went from long to longer.

My mother-in-law was coming today, so I woke up early and cleaned and cleaned. Bedding needed to be changed, toys put away, laundry, floors swept, bathroom cleaned, etc.

After about two hours of working on my own, I woke up the children and put them to work helping me. Then I started cooking. I made Spanish Rice, Carne Guisada and then Elizabeth asked me to make some Chili which I did.

Tile and Pirates on a Sunday afternoon.

This has been an up and down week.  We had company on Sunday and I made Pupusas. I also made two pans of blonde brownieswith chocolate chips. It was a nice day and we had a really nice afternoon.
About 3:00 am, I woke up with severe cramping. It did not stop and I ended up in the bathroom lying on the floor and it went from bad to worse. The pain was so bad it was like being in the last stages of labor.
Then waves of nausea hit me. I broke out in sweat, and the pain and the nausea continued for several hours, but thankfully, I never threw up.

$2500 stolen...what a week!

Well, a very long week has gone by. It started with the death of our friend’s child and it just kept dragging and continuing. Monday morning, after I had not slept at all on Sunday night, I went to work.
I had told my class I would make them Pupusas so they could see how they were done.I took everything to class and made them. I then went to my next class out at Tinker, then home. I spent the afternoon on the phone planning meals and other needed services, did Landry for the family, then went on to my evening class.

The death of our friend's 3 year-old son.

How do I start to describe my week so far? On Sunday, we went to church in the morning as normal, and then had friends over after church. One family had come earlier and they were almost through eating (I had made Pupusas) when the second family called and said they had to go help someone move.
I told them to just come anyway and that they could eat real quick and then take our Suburban with the boys and go help the other family move.
Soon after they left, the phone rang and Elizabeth answered it.

A stomach virus, wrecked truck, re-arranged house, and a water leak week!

It snowed last night and was icy so the college did not start classes until 10 am. My class is at 9 am. In other words, I did not have class today. Yea! I just stayed home.
I still woke up early and read for a while. I just finished, “Killing Lincoln” by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard and now I am reading, “To Try men’s Souls” by Newt Gingrich andWilliam R. Forstchen.
Both books are hard to put down and are excellent. I am making Felipe, my 17 year-old read both.
I then recruited Fito and a friend who is staying with us, Jorge, to help me rearrange furniture.

New Year's- Staying Clean and Organized

I had to write about our New Year's experience. We went to Houston and had such a strange and wonderful time.
We stayed with Douglas and Ary, and guess what...their water heater broke the day before we got there. They took cold showers, but not me.
I said, if I had to, well okay, but I have too many friends in Houston to be taking a cold shower. We ended up going to Ary's parents and as always they were so gracious and hospitable.
Fito and I then went to visit some friends that we hadn't seen for some time.

Christmas and cleaning

We are in Houston right now visiting with family and friends. We came down yesterday. We only have Tony (he came from Fort Leonard Wood late Thursday night), Felipe, David, and Elizabeth. Matthew, Benjamin, and Maria all stayed in OKC as they all had work.
Fito and I stayed with Douglas and Ary. Celeste (2 years old) and I have been watching Wee Sing videos today (a gift from us) and dancing. She wants me to hold her to dance.  We opened presents with them last night and she is at that perfect age for Christmas.

Pictures of (almost) finished house...after tornado.

Christmas decorations and more canning done

Another week and come and gone…and what a week! I worked on a big training that I actually did today, and it went really well, except that I probably over prepared. I had too much content.
Next time, I will do less content/theory and will have more activities to make the content more practical to them.
It went really well (at least it seemed that was) we will see what the evaluations say…
We also put up Christmas decorations on Saturday. Elizabeth and Rebeca helped me and they are amazing helpers so it went up quicker than in years pass.