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Grand babies

Update on Maria and baby.

The picture with the hands are Travis and his father's hands. 3 generations!
Maria and Alexander Michael are doing well. His heart rate dropped several times during the night, but now the nurses are wondering if it was just the electrodes being loose as he has done incredibly well today.
I just spoke with Maria and she just fed him a whole bottle. This is the first time he took the whole bottle.
They usually give him part of the bottle and then have to give the rest through a feeding tube.

Maria and Travis had their baby!

It is 2:40 am and Maria was taken to have an emergency c-section around 2 am. She had fought the good fight. She had tried so hard to have him naturally, but the fact that she was only 34 weeks, and his heart rate kept dropping.
The nurses and doctors kept running in to take care of him and they tried everything to help them along. It finally became necessary to invite him into the world quickly as his heart-rate was down for a sustained time.
He still doesn't have a name and we still do not know how much he weighs as they whisked him away.

Update on Maria...

It is 8:25 pm and it has been a long day. Maria is only a 7 after over 40 hours of labor. There have been plenty of ups and downs today.
It is so frustrating what has occurred today. Since she is 34 weeks, that is considered borderline. They would not do anything to stop the labor, but at the same time, they would not do anything to help it either.
She stayed at a five for more than 12 hours and it was extremely frustrating.
The contractions are coming stronger now and it appears that she is progressing well now.

Can that much happen in only 5 days?

Monday, I worked in the morning then spent the afternoon paying bills and doing boring stuff that has to be done. Fito was working outside with the boys planting some bushes they has moved from the front.
When we moved here, the front garden was full of large bushes. Little by little we have been moving them to other places on the property so I can plant more flowers in the garden.
We also went to check out a new meat market we had heard about on the radio. but I still like the other one I go to on SW 59 near Western,