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Food Storage

Yummy chicken, tender ham, Sweet Potato Bread, and "The Beards."

Does life ever slow down? We did the garage sale again and didn’t do very well, but I worked outside the whole day and put stucco on the new mailbox, moved plants from one garden to another, and cooked for Sunday.

Then a whole week went by again with home schooling my children, work, cleaning my mom’s room and feeding her, juggling activities, cooking, shopping, and sneaking in the reading of The Hunger Games series. (Yes, I read them all in the space of three days).
My two youngest, which are girls, were at their cousins the whole week, but two of the cousins plus a friend came here, which means I had 5 teenage boys the whole week.

I canned BUTTER this weekend. WOW!

What a great weekend I just had.
Friday morning, I woke up in one of those strange moods where something was really eating at me…I didn’t know what or why…but I knew I wasn’t happy or content with life at the moment.
I ended up getting angry at Fito. We both left for work upset.
Of course, we cleared it up later and I realized what had been bothering me (and poor Fito, it had nothing to do with him).
Anyway, on the way to work, I was stopped by a Highway Patrolman. But a tender mercy from above was bestowed and he did not give me a ticket or even a written warning.

Food storage question

A friend recently ask me how to get started on food storage and where and what to buy, this was my answer:

I buy most of my bulk items at Sam's or Costco's. They are cheaper than other places, and then I buy canned goods when they go on sale, usually at places like Sav-a-lot or Aldi's.
I buy Sanalac Powdered Milk (I think it tastes the best) In OKC Grider's was the cheapest. People buy (I think it is called Moo Milk) a product that they say tastes good. Well of course it tastes well, it has a huge amount of sugar in it.