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Tony and Colette's Wedding

Wow. Has it been since November that I last wrote? At that time, we were in California, headed home after Tony and Colette’s wedding in the Bellvue, Washington Temple on November 8.

We stayed with Colette’s family for the first part of our stay. They live 3 hours southeast of Seattle, Washington. It’s where they grow food. 

Orchard after orchard, vineyard after vineyard, and vegetables as well. It was fall, so the colors were red, gold, yellow, and brown. Then when there were pines, the bright colors contrasted against the green and just simply beautiful.

Rice- meatballs and vegetable soup, Matthew's birthday, and suprisingly...a great convention.

I have to admit I was wrong about my husband’s business convention. I was sure I was trapped the whole weekend in what would be an irrelevant and boring time. And yes, there were parts that I did find irrelevant to me, but they had brought in some motivational speakers that were incredible.
One in particular, Kyle Maynard, who has a condition known as congenital amputation, was just phenomenal. He doesn’t have lower limbs on his legs nor arms. No hands, just part of elbows. No legs below the knees.

Painting a room, playing in the water, gardening, and a messed-up trip...

Why did I trust my husband to plan this weekend away? Iknow better. He is not the planner…I am.
But this is something he wanted to do,so I let him make the plans and take care of everything.
We left this morning, and it has been one mistake afteranother. Our reservation was messed up, he forgot the tickets to the event(they are in a bag at home…and at least someone else gave us some extra tickets).
I wanted to bring our car, but he insisted we go on the bus with all the others in the group and now that we are here, we found out that the convention centerwhere the event is- is not close to the hotel.

The BIG Concert, Christmas day, family, and Snow!

These last two weeks have been hectic beyond belief. We had our Christmas concert on December 22. We had a 2:00 pm and then 7:30 pm concert. It was incredible. Dr. Craig Jessop, our guest conductor,(previous director of the Mormon tabernacle Choir) taught us more in 9 hours of practice than we had learned in years of singing in church and community choirs.
He was so humble and amiable, while at the same time sharing his expertise in a powerful way. He truly is a master teacher and a professional at the top of his field.

How to save burnt food, a Christmas gift, and cooking.

Another week older, and yes, I think a little wiser. I just had to throw out some food that had gone bad, which is always sad. I think it is a shame when food is wasted and this time it was my fault…and the worst part is it was the mixture to makePupusas(which takes time to make and is one of our favorite foods.

I knew I needed to put it in the freezer as I cooked other stuff through the week and I never made the Pupusas, but I didn’t.

Today, when I pulled it from the fridge it was bad and so it went to the chickens.

Burnt food, Potato Soup, and Time management

I am sitting in the living room waiting for the third Presidential debate to start. Most people who know me well, know that I am a political junkie.  Actually, as I wrote that I realized that I am not a real junkie in that at times, I tire of the whole mess and have to ignore it, or I would lose my sanity.

There are times when I will go several days or even a week without listening or watching my favorite political shows, however, I will then hear something or read something in the newspaper and have to research and try to find out what happened and what the implications are.

Garage Sale and new mailbox.

Another week goes by and as always, I have more to do than I have time to do it. Last Saturday, we had a garage sale and actually, it went very well. We made about $250 in cash and we have a new mailbox.

Let me explain. Three Spanish men came to the sale and were very interested in a small motorcycle we had. Fito spoke with them for some time and then decided on a trade.

They then spent the rest of the day building a mailbox. Fito had to go and buy some cement blocks. We already had cement, rocks, and a mail box.

Called 911, yummy rice, a baby blessing, and more.

Today is Monday, July 02, 2012 and the family reunion is winding down. People were still here, but in the process of going home. Since Benjamin had come for the reunion, I planned a day of dentist, eye doctor, and doctor visits. He lives in Kansas, but Fito’s insurance only works in Oklahoma, therefore, we always set up visits while he is here.

He hadn’t come to the house and didn’t answer his phone, so I called Matthew to make sure he was up. Matthew told me he was at Maria’s. I then called Maria and she said she would wake him up.

A confession, grilled chicken, and "my cup of tea".

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to a new TV show. It isStorage Wars.We watched it in the motel when we went to visit Benjamin in Manhattan, Kansas, and the children and I have been watching it since. I even watch it before I watch my political shows (which has never occurred) so you can see how much I like it.

Maybe it is the treasure hunter in me, but it is fun to see what they find, learn about the different objects, and then see if they make a profit, or even better, is when they do “strike gold” and find something really valuable.

Remembering Memorial Day and parenting

I was typing along and the computer blipped as when there is a power surge and I just lost four pages of my blog. I have auto recover, but the name of the document was the same…I just lost all the typing. The only thing that was there was the last word that I had typed.
I was just was catching up on the past week. We had a reunion on memorial weekend for the Getz side of the family. My mother’s maternal side.
Whenever we have reunions or we have the opportunity to be with family members of either side, including Fito’s side, I am always impressed by the caliber of people we are related to.