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Christmas, a concert, and an ice storm (a crystal winter wonderland).

Christmas has past and it was a very nice one for our family. I think I surprised Rebeca the most. She likes all kinds of animals, but likes Zebras a lot. I bought her a Zebra bank, a Zebra pillow pet, a Zebra stuffed animal, two zebra figurines, and a Zebra night lite that shines stars on the ceiling. She was so happy with her “Zebra” Christmas.

The other children seemed pleased, too, but the older they are, it seems to be harder and harder to buy things for them. I just mainly do gift cards and let them go get their own gifts.

My birthday and a recipe for crepes.

Friday was my birthday. It had stormed and school was cancelled so everyone was at home. I woke up about 8:30 (which is sleeping in around here) and could not go back to sleep.

I went to the kitchen and made crepes. They came out perfectly. They were thin and cooked to a perfect brown. I put butter on mine, then sprinkled powdered sugar on it, then dribbled frozen strawberry jam on it, then rolled it up and ate it. Super yum.

Crepes are basically a pancake recipe; however, they are very thin and delicate and can be filled with just about anything.

Feeding 140 people.

I did a meal for 140 missionaries about two weeks ago. The first thing I did was about a week before the meal, I bought two turkeys, each around 25 pounds, and I cooked them in roasters pans using mySpanish Turkeyrecipe.  We had turkey for dinner that night, along with mashed potatoes, corn and peas, and rolls.

Later in the evening, when they had cooled down, I de-boned them, putting all the meat into one of the roaster pans, putting it into the freezer, and freezing the broth from the other turkey.

A New Christmas Tree

Six years ago when we moved to Newcastle, we lost the top of our Christmas tree. I kept thinking…it will show up, but it never did. I ended up cutting off two of the lowest branches, tying them together with wire, and then stringing new lights on them.

Then last year, the middle section of lights would not work. I tried new fuses, light bulbs, etc., however, nothing worked. I finally gave up and just strung some new lights in that section.

After Christmas, I looked and looked for a new tree. I checked online, at after Christmas sales, and so on, but I couldn’t find the type of tree I wanted for a price I could afford.

Cooking cheaply, easily, and yummy(ly)

I wanted to share some ideas of how I cook for a lot of people, but do it in a quick, easy, and inexpensive way.
First of all, I buy bigger items which tend to be cheaper. For example, I buy a whole frozen turkey which is usually the cheapest way to buy poultry. I also have two upright freezers that I can fill, so I will buy many turkeys when they go on sale, which typically happens around holidays.
I then make aSpanish turkey(and many times I just simply peel the wrapping off and stick the whole big frozen turkey in the roaster pan with the liquid).

The tree house, gardening, and perfect weather.

The minute Xander gets to Grammy Tammy and Papa Fito's house- It is outside, down the path,and straight to the tree house
(or chasing chickens)
They jump off this level and land on the trampoline or they grab the rope, swing out and around, hit the tree with their feet and swing back.

Painting Rebeca's room and cleaning upstairs

This summer has been the best, weather- wise, since we moved to Oklahoma, seven years ago. Our lake is still full, the grass is green, and there is a breeze in the air. It gets into the 90’s, but I think we have had only one day over 100 degrees. Last year, we had 30 consecutive days over 30degrees, were in a drought, and everything was brown.
My husband, Fito, is unemployed which is bad money wise, but has been good for the fact that he has been able to do so many things in the house.

New kitchen counters, the beach, and America the Beautiful...

Here are some pictures of my finished kitchen counters. We used a marble called Amazon Rain Forest Gold. We also used stacked rock on the posts and used a combination of glass, travertine, and marble on the edges. We also bought a large farm sink of travertine.

School starts...my canning jar collection...

So much has happened lately. School started last week and we sent Rebeca and Elizabeth back to school. Therefore, there were all the activities to do, such as: buying school supplies, clothes, shoes, enrollment, open house, preparing for lunches, and so forth. A constant set of things to do and get done.
David is going to Mid-America Technical School. He is enrolled in two different programs. One is Entrepreneurship and the other is Graphic Artist. Each program lasts two years; one, he does in the morning, one in the afternoon.

Electricity...finally. Working on kitchen.

The past few weeks have been busy but amazing. I did not have to work and so I have been doing all the things that I did not have time to do while working.
I have been cleaning and organizing in my office, although, I am not completely done in there.I finished and stained a piece of furniture. It just needs new handles and it is done (the handles I bought were too long) and I haven’t made it back to that store to exchange them.
We had an electrician come out and he spent three days and now my mom’s room is completely done.