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Computer problems.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the 4th of January, I did laundry, made spaghetti, took and picked up the children from school, and did some cleaning.
I worked on the computer for awhile and thought I had it all worked out when in the middle of working on a video for my website, my computer shut down on me again. And Windows would not open up.
I finally got it up and running again this morning. It is so frustrating because I need to take it somewhere, but I really don't want to spend the money to do so.
With the plumber and septic bills, I really don't need to spend any more on computer stuff. And it is so frustrating because I spend so much time on the computer, writing, work, and my website...that to have it shut down in the middle of something and for that data to be lost or corrupted is extremely frustrating.
Fito and I went to the Temple last night which was peaceful. I needed that to get my perspective back. I met a woman from Washington state that was here for the funeral of her daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law was in perfect health and it was a real surprise to everyone that she past away. She was 53 years-old and they think that perhaps it was a blood clot.
As I just turned 50, I guess this made me realize that computer problems are rather trivial. Yes, my life has been frustrated by the inconvenience and perhaps even set back by the loss of work. However, I have good health. I am not fighting cancer or some other awful disease.
None of my children are in a horrible way and I have my dear sweet spouse. I felt ashamed at myself yesterday after listening to her. I should not have allowed such trivial things to bother me.
Today, I hope to be able to put away some of the Christmas decorations and to do some more work. I even made breakfast today. I made scrambled eggs (with some bacon grease for flavor), refried red beans, and cream. Everyone was in such a good mood. Isn't it amazing how the mother sets the tone for the whole house?

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Tammy Sagastizado on Thursday, March 21, 2013 10:14 AM
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